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Film Reviews Recap – January 2012

My relationship with film this year has started in earnest. After a lackluster month of December in which I watched very few films, I decided to play catch-up and, at the same time, aim for some of the quality films I missed last year, with only a couple of exceptions and a few repeats.

Following is a list of all the films I have watched so far this year. I have written a small review for each film, with the exception of those I have already analyzed on this blog:

50/50 ( Jonathan Levine – 2011)

A well-written, efficient and heartfelt film about overcoming adversity and deepening relationships with the ones you love. A very compelling Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars alongside Seth Rogen playing his usual self with a bit more restrain and depth in a film that needed some of his warm comic relief.
50/50 handsomely balances comedy with drama, giving more room to the former until the final few scenes unfold.
I would have still liked a film that was a bit more personal and less lighthearted, yet still infused with some of the comedy that made it work so well.

Rating: 3.5/5 (good)

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Film Review: The Illusionist (2010)

When it was released in 2010, The Illusionist, a french animated film from director Sylvain Chomet, received a lot of warmth from the industry pundits. All of the good word of mouth that it received eventually led the film to a surprising Oscar nomination against the heavily favored Toy Story 3, which came out, as predicted, as the clear winner on the night.

As a piece of art, “The Illusionist” does not have anything to envy other major Hollywood releases on that year, or any year before that. The film is a very charming little story about an “Illusionist”, a precedent to today’s flashier and louder magicians, who struggles to make a living as his art is no longer as popular as it once was. The character is, unlike today’s show-driven illusion masters, an elegant, quiet type, who has perfected the commonly known tricks that have been immitated for many decades.

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