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Not a positive review of “The Cabin in the Woods”

Director: Drew Goddard

Cast: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Fran Kranz

Year: 2012

Having seen the blog world respond in such an overwhelmingly positive way to The Cabin in the Woods, I simply could not stay away from the discussion any longer.
As it is clear by the title of my post, I did not love the film, far from it actually. I cannot say I disliked it either, but in the midst of its atypical delivery and structure, I could not help but feel like something did not work for me.

To begin with, I believe much of the critical acclaim the film has received does not even stem from the film itself. I believe some credit must be given to a very smart promotional campaign, which emphasized the film’s unusual horror qualities, thus suggesting we would find originality and unpredictability in it. To me, the question we should ask is not whether the film is atypical or original if we compare it to most horror features (which it is) but whether it is a well-crafted piece that should not be analyzed or defined through the always limiting genre filter.

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