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The Alfred Hitchcock Marathon (part 5): Psycho (1960)


Cast: Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates), Janet Leigh (Marion Crane), Vera Miles (Lila Crane), John Gavin (Sam Loomis)

Writers: Joseph Stefano (screenplay), Robert Bloch (novel)

There is no better inspiration to write about cinema than Psycho, a film that remains surprising and thrilling with every watch, even after more than 50 years have passed since its release. Being one of my favorite films, it would be simple, maybe even pointless to emphasize its virtues, which are many. Instead, I will play devil’s advocate in the next few lines and start with its faults, or should I say fault, one and singular, which prevented me from giving it a perfect score (elusive number 14th).

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Month in Review: March & April films

Now that we have arrived to the beginning of May and I haven’t been able to post in over two weeks, I thought I would summarize my film watching of the last two months with a mammoth list of mini-reviews. 22 films in 61 days. Not a great number, but I’ve done worse. Here it goes:



A terribly uninspiring story line masked by awesome special effects and handsome set designs. Oblivion is one more nail in the coffin for the career of Tom Cruise, the former world’s biggest movie star. Though he may still prove his worth at the box office, his performance is easily forgettable, never once allowing us to forget his very bizarre off camera persona, nor making us empathize with his character.

Rating: 2/5 (poor)

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