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Best Films of 2012, 11 months late

After more than 11 months have passed since the turn of the year, I finally get to posting the list for what I consider to be the best films of 2012.
Out of the more than 60 films from last year that I managed to see, 18 received at least a 4/5 or “very good” rating, which is exactly one more than the amount I rated as high in 2011. The average score at this moment is 2.9, which is also in line with the average from the previous year. Out of these 18, only 5 were given 4.5/5 and no films received a perfect score. My count for 5/5 rated films remains stationed at 14 films total, with the last entry being ‘A Separation’ from 2011.

Here is the list of my favorite 18 films of 2012:

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Film review: Life of Pi (2012)


Genre: Drama/Thriller

Director: Ang Lee

Cast: Suraj Sharma (Teen Pi), Irrfan Khan (Adult Pi), Gautam Belur (Boy Pi), Rafe Spall (writer)

The arrival of 3D film-making has rarely rendered as satisfying a result as in Life of Pi, the very entertaining and visually exceptional film by Academy-Award winner Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain & Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

Though it is initially portrayed as a spiritual journey of sorts, Life of Pi is an excellent story of survival that is perhaps too interested in the details of the ordeal to fulfill its ambitious promise.

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