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Film Review: The American (2010)

Director: Anton Corbijn

Cast: George Clooney (Jack / Edward), Violante Placido (Clara)

In “The American” George Clooney plays his least likable character yet: a hitman named Edward (or Jack) who is trying to “get out” of the business. The film, directed by Anton Corbijn, begins with an unshaven and shirtless Edward sitting next to a comfortably naked woman he has grown fond of. Not long after, the idyllic retreat they both share becomes a nightmarish frozen forest where Clooney is being followed by men who are trying to kill him.

As he aptly disposes of the threat, Clooney’s eyes fill with fear and sadness, showing that he plays a man who kills because he feels he has to and not because he can. While he remains calm and his hand is steady, there’s an uneasiness in his spirit that is at the center of what the film is about.

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