Blog of Big Ideas’ 1st Anniversary

Today I can proudly say that The Blog of Big Ideas is celebrating its first anniversary.

It all started with a friend who planted the seed suggesting I start a blog to touch upon things I was interested in (if you are interested in Graphic Design, her blog is definitely worth checking out). As a fellow user of WordPress, she pointed out how rewarding it had been for her, no matter if anyone read it or not, having become a creative outlet from which to translate her ideas into writing. I was no stranger to her blog, and I was certainly not completely foreign to the community, but once someone pushed me to start writing and I started typing my first word on my first post, there was simply no way back.

At first, The Blog of Big Ideas was aimed to be a very broad space for all sorts of commentaries, only to gradually become strongly film-oriented, with an occasional splash of architecture, music, video games and other interesting information and/or articles I have come across.

For most of the year it has been up and running, The Blog of Big Ideas struggled to find a voice among a very active and engaged film community that translated into very few visits to the site. There was no one else to blame but myself since I did very little to reach out and find my very capable peers in WordPress and beyond. Luckily, I started to venture out about six months ago and it has definitely paid off. Traffic to my site has been steadily increasing and, more importantly, it has brought me closer to quality bloggers that share my interests.

The commitment for the following year is to make The Blog of Big Ideas the best it can be. I will strive for quality and quantity, but also for uniqueness and inventiveness.

I will continue with my IMDB TOP 250 challenge that has brought me so many satisfactions. I have two reviews in the pipeline for Leon: The Professional and Barry Lyndon, and two other films I plan to be watching next week that will be added to the other 17 reviews I have already posted.

Thanks to the interest shown by a couple of fellow bloggers, I will also continue my series on Architecture and Film for which I have already begun to prepare a third installment. I will be starting a couple of other series, one simply called The Blog of Big Ideas Top 250 films ever, which is obviously inspired by the IMDB challenge and that will spring about around the time I finish watching all of the films I have still yet to see. The aim is to publish it around the same time in 2013, although it will most likely come by the end of 2013.

I will also bring back the first series I started over 10 months ago: Searching for the Perfect Chicago Skyscraper, which I have left unattended for far too long. On that note, I have in mind the focus of my next entry which should really start kicking the “search” into high gear.

For one year now, The Blog of Big Ideas has sadly postponed the series that was supposed to define it and make it different to other sites. Maybe some of you have wondered why I picked the name “Big Ideas” if I am mostly writing a blog that concentrates on film and architecture review, but certainly not on “ideas” that are more on their embryonic stage than a finished project. The original plan was to have a section especially devoted to works of art, social projects and/or initiatives and technological discoveries that could translate into significant improvements to life on Earth, or simply with the potential to expand our culture or propose unique viewpoints to common situations. The conception of this series, as it is to be expected, could easily demand a great amount of time just to stay on top of things and produce posts that are informative, entertaining to read and thought-provoking. Due to the complexity of the task, I have indefinitely postponed the series until now. The commitment will be to kick start it sometime next month. Look for the tab at the top of the site.

Last but not least, I will continue to devote time to film reviews as well as continuing other series of posts like The Best Moments in Film History and Secret Films.

Thank you for your continuing support, especially to those who have left a comment or two, all of which have certainly given me the extra motivation I sometimes need to keep things as fresh and interesting as they can be. The site is still far from where I want it to be, but the goal is to continue to grow.


14 thoughts on “Blog of Big Ideas’ 1st Anniversary

  1. Happy Blog-a-versary, Niels! I love that you’re able to tie in your two passions, architecture and films together in your posts. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff, so keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats on making it through the first year, Niels! I am glad to have found your blog — you’re doing a lot of great things over here. Thanks for linking to your Chicago posts, too. There certainly isn’t a shortage of awesome buildings in the city!

  3. WOOHOO Happy First Anniversary matey.

    It is always nice to get to these little milestones. I recently had my first birthday too!! Congratulations my friend.

    I look forward to your up coming features

  4. Well done on getting this far, congrats!
    Look forward to reading your opinions in future! Thanks for commenting at my blog as well ( :

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! Tear. I’m so proud of you and touched. Thanks for the mention. I’m just glad that you’ve found blogging rewarding and that you enjoy doing it. 🙂 As for your series I would suggest maybe picking one day a week and deciding that that day you will speak about a “big idea.” So you’ll give yourself more time to prepare and not necessarily overwhelm yourself.

    P.S. I still don’t get your blog updates. I’ll check my settings again.

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