An internet break

To all who have ventured into the realm of my blog I just wanted to let you know that I am forced to take a break from blogging due to an always exhausting and time-consuming move to a new place, a lack of internet access at said place (for the time being) and the daily hassle of work.

I will be coming back as soon as I can with the end of my Clint Eastwood cycle as I continue with my IMDB top 250 films challenge. Upcoming reviews of movies I’ve already seen will be “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” to finish with the top-rated Eastwood film, then the horror classic “The Thing” and the romantic classic “Casablanca”.

I will also look to continue my new series: Best Moments in Film History, and my first series of this blog of mine: Searching for the Perfect Chicago Skyscraper.

From now on, I will also be splitting my time with a second blog that will be entirely devoted to the greatest of my hobbies: soccer. For that reason, my time spent towards this blog might be reduced although I will continue to try my best to keep this blog as fresh and updated as possible even though it might be harder than it used to be.  

Until we meet again…


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