The Best Moments in Film History

With today’s post I start yet another series in this blog of mine. My attempt will be to talk about, as briefly and concisely as I can, about what I consider to be the most memorable moments in the history of film. This new series will have its own sub-category under the umbrella of FILM (please refer to the categories tab).

In this series I will be focusing on specific scenes or sequences that left the biggest impression on me. Some will be violent, others will be surprising, a few will be charming, and there will be some that are highly emotional. Some will be extremely famous phrases or scenes that are known by most of the populace, but I am certain some will be a little more obscure. There are many great films that do not have one particular moment that sticks out and, for that reason, I will stay away from trying to come up with one.

For now, I will give you a preview of my favorite moments in film by revealing the first 50 I could come up with off the top of my head. I expect to be touching upon these over the next few months, probably covering anywhere from 1 to 3 moments per post.

If you haven’t seen some of these films, I suggest you thread carefully for there may be some SPOILERS.

1. Se7en – John Doe’s reveals the last piece of his murder series

2. Apocalypse Now – Colonel Kurtz talks about horror

3. The Godfather – Michael Corleone murders the drug lord and the chief of police

4. Taxi Driver – Travis and the mirror

5. Ikiru – Mr. Watanabe sings while sitting on a swing

6. Braveheart – William Wallace calls for “freedom!” just before he is executed

7. Alexander – The Battle of Hydaspes

8. The Great Dictator – Chaplin breaks the silence to call for world peace

9. City Lights – The girl recognizes the Tramp

10. The Shining – “Heeeere’s Johnny !”

11. Schindler’s List – The Girl in the Red Dress

12. Milk – Dan White goes on a killing spree

13. Unforgiven – William Munny steps in the whorehouse to seek for revenge

14. The Departed – The cellphone rings

15. Alien – The birth of a monster

16. Children of Men – War pauses as a baby cries


17. Little Miss Sunshine – The family dances

18. Lost in Translation – Bob Harris whispers in Charlotte’s ear

19. The Shawshank Redemption – The Hole in the Wall

20. Toy Story – To Infinity and Beyond !

21. Amelie – He is still standing by your door

22. Groundhog Day – Phil tries not to fall asleep

23. Silence of the Lambs – Dr. Lecter’s first appearance

24. Pulp Fiction – Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace dance to a Chuck Berry tune

25. Big Fish – A dying father is laid to rest at the sea

26. Singing in the Rain – Gene Kelly sings in the rain

27. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – “Luke, I am your father”

28. Saving Private Ryan – D-day landing

29. Battleship Potempkin – The Odessa steps

30. Life is Beautiful – The allied tank

31. The Sixth Sense – “I see dead people”

32. 2001: Space Odissey: HAL-9000

33. Goodfellas – “You think Im funny?”

34. The Godfather II – The Kiss of Death

35. A Streetcar Named Desire – “Stella!”

36. Network – “Im mad as hell!”

37. Big – The giant piano at F.A.O Schwarz

38. Citizen Kane – Rosebud

39. The Wrestler – The final fight

40. The Godfather III – Michael’s mute scream on the steps of the Opera House

41. Full Metal Jacket – Suicide at the barracks

42. Patton – The speech

43. Inception – The zero-gravity fight

44. Beauty and The Beast – The dance

45. Aladdin – “A Whole New World”

46. The Matrix – Dodging bullets

47. Up – The opening sequence

48. M – Citizen’s arrest

49. Inglorious Basterds – Colonel Landa interrogates a French dairy farmer

50. Capote – Truman weeps before Perry is hanged


2 thoughts on “The Best Moments in Film History

  1. Great list Niels!! There is a really good blend of old and new films on there – I love the fact you included UP – that scene is one of my favourite of all time. Also the Inglorious Basterds scene is a good call – not one I would have thought of personally but you are so right to include it!

    Great stuff

  2. That’s quite a list of moments. They would make a helluva experience are stitched together, rapid fire one after the other. Some of them are hardly more than the moments you picked, odd isn’t how films live on in our telling of them, shaped and molded and emboldened, at times cast into the fires, our only retaliation.

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