A view of our world through Google

As many people know already, Google has been developing their world maps using a nifty tool called “Street View” which offers a 360-degree street level imagery of our world. The tool has been expanding progressively from the great metropolises, to also show smaller towns and exotic locations.

“Street View” has now sparked the interest of “e-artists” like Jon Rafman who has explored countless of locations to find unique images. The site is 9eyes.com and, in there, you can find all sorts of incredible pictures that range from the tragic to the simply baffling.

Apparently all of the images are taken “as they are” directly from Google’s Street View and, to my amazement, I have double-checked a couple of them and they have proven to be true (unless they are some kind of elaborate hoax manufactured by the people at Google).

Follow this link to Jon Rafman’s page. Enjoy !

Note: this was taken from today’s AOL homepage….but I thought it would be nice to share some more


1 thought on “A view of our world through Google

  1. you’re right. Very strange, but very cool. Although some of the pictures look a little bit too high quality to be from Google street view.

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