My early thoughts on blogging

After almost 2 months of having created this blog, I have come to realize that it is harder to keep it alive than I had previously predicted.

For me, blogging has become an exercise in writing, in artistic exploration and stimulation, but above everything else, it has become a form of self-discipline. In fact, I believe it requires a certain kind of person to keep writing when there is absolutely no pressure to write. To keep this blog alive I only depend on my own perseverance, and my desire to prevent this “e-object” I have created to fall into the very large annals of orphaned blogs that plague the web. In this sense, blogging has quickly become a part of what I do with my time, yet another responsibility of my young adult life.

Every post that has been uploaded has demanded a significant amount of time. They have all required countless updates to improve the writing, but also to make sure every post flows in an organized and intelligent manner. From my film reviews to my architecture studies, every post has required some research and self-examination. There is also a lot of self-imposed pressure to keep things interesting, fresh and rich in content and variety, which demands not only time but also a great deal of imagination.

After a promising start, I have lagged a little as of late in terms of the frequency of my posts. The intent is to keep the frequency of uploads as high as possible, but never over-doing my capacity to put out intelligent, well-written content. I think a healthy goal is to upload new posts at least once a week, if not more. Another on-going attempt to improve the quality of this blog will be to expand my horizons and touch upon a greater variety of subjects, but never forcing an issue or a theme for the sake of posting something new. Every post and every sentence has to come out of an unique desire to write and stimulate my need to be creative and feed my appetite for knowledge.

So far, I have two on-going projects that I have started and that I intent to finish whilst not sacrificing my desire to explore other subjects.

Mission to watch the top 250 films of IMDB

My goal here is to watch and share my opinions on the top rated 250 movies of the site IMDB (the internet movie database) in which film fanatics from all over the world have contributed by assigning a star rating to movies they have seen. The highest rated movies of all time are displayed in a special section in the site simply called “top 250“. For years now, it has become one of the most quoted and trusted sources to find the absolute best of cinema.

The start date for this mission was March 22nd and I gave myself a deadline of two years to view and review the 125 films I have yet to watch.

My mission comes as a fun challenge that will introduce me (hopefully) to some of the best films of the history of cinema that I have yet to see and give me the opportunity to share my opinions on them. It will be my responsibility to watch but also post a review of each one, whether it is in praise or in a disappointed tone.

So far I have seen 5 of those movies, but I have only reviewed 2: The King’s Speech and Blade Runner. The promise is to post reviews of “Casablanca”, “12 Monkeys” and “Gran Torino” in the near future while keeping up with the list.

Searching for the perfect Chicago Skyscraper

Perhaps a bit more challenging than the previous goal given the fact that it has proven to be a bit more intellectually demanding. The series has now 3 parts and will probably end up having around 10.

So far I have analyzed some architecture failures in the city that saw the birth of the skyscraper, but I have also managed to shed a light on some of the great accomplished high-rises that have permeated the city in over 100 years of history.

I do not know how this series will develop exactly, but I hope I reach some sort of surprising conclusion in which I either select my so-called “perfect” Chicago skyscraper, or I establish a rich encyclopedia that sets the base for what represents good high-rise architecture and which might be the best examples of that in Chicago.

To find my series, go into the “architecture section” of my blog


1 thought on “My early thoughts on blogging

  1. Hey, I stumbled accross your blog because I have recently started doing an IMDB top 250 challenge and wanted to find oother people who are doing the same.

    I am really impressed with the quality of your writing and you can definately tell from your blog posts that you take time and put effort into your writing. My own blog posts could probably do with a bit more thought and revision before posting and having read your work, I think I may need to up my game lol.

    I will be following your blog and look forward to your next post.


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