Note to self and Stanley

This is a blog to communicate my ideas, my opinions and my feelings upon anything that I deem of value or interest.

This is a space in which I will try to bring my artistic side to the fore. I spend a lot of time thinking about architecture, film, music, poetry, fiction/non-fiction novels, pop culture and, of course, my passion: soccer, which to me and many others around the world is very much an art form. All of these will probably define this blog, which is to say, I will do my very best to leave my personal life private.

I will attempt to update this site as often as possible and, as a forewarning to anyone who will ever read a line in this blog, I could possibly ramble at times, often losing myself in a subject I explore.

I tend to thrive on sarcasm and not taking life too seriously. Only those very dear to me have the capacity to hurt me, and I would encourage anyone who reads to not take anything I say personally if my views offend you in any way. As they say, the truth is too complex to be absolute, it is always subject to interpretation and context.

I will end my first post by referring to an article I have just read in www. that dates back to 1987. It is an interview they made to one of the great, if not greatest, film director of all time, Mr. Stanley Kubrick. Enjoy:


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